1. A box or casing of clay used to protect delicate ceramics during firing; a saggar
  2. (slang) term for a young male, who wears trousers very low on his hips, exposing underwear and/or his buttocks or lower abdominals.
  3. The NATO designation for a Soviet AT-3 series man-portable, wire-guided missile first deployed in the 1960"s.

6 letters in word "sagger": A E G G R S.

Anagrams of sagger:

Words found within sagger:

ae ag age ager agers ages agger ags ar are areg ares ars arse as ea ear ears eas egg eggar eggs er era eras erg ergs ers es gae gaes gag gage gager gages gags gar gare gars gas gear gears rag rage rages ragg raggs rags ras rase re reg regs res sae sag sage sager sar sarge sea sear seg segar ser sera